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Dress Code

Uniform Tops- (forest green collared top) Uniform tops must not be unnecessarily tight or baggy and should not show the stomach or back or cover pants pockets in any position. 

Creekside pullovers are accepted as part of the school uniform and may be purchased through the school. Students are allowed to wear a Creekside pullover or any solid green, solid yellow, solid white, solid grey, or solid black colored sweatshirt with or without school approved Creekside logo. Other logos, wordings, or designs (including those of other schools) are prohibited. Accepted pullovers may be worn as outerwear OVER the mandatory uniform polo.
Outerwear other than the approved school logos or solid colors of green, yellow, white, grey, or black must be removed when entering a building. Hoods are not to be worn on campus during regular school hours except for outdoors in inclement weather.

Uniform Pants/Skirts- (khaki colored) Uniform Pants/Skirts must be fingertip length. If skirts, skorts, or shorts have a slit, the top of the slit must be at or below the finger tips. Pants/Skirts must be secured at the waist with no undergarments revealed. 
Pants, shorts, skorts, skirts, or capris are to be plain cotton blend tan/khaki.

Students may not wear khaki colored jeggings, spandex, or other fashions that use different clothing materials. Leggings or sweatpants are not allowed to be worn under shorts or skirts.

Hair/Accessories- An acceptable, well-groomed haircut will be required of all male students. Sculptured hair styles that include pictures, symbols, letters, numbers, or hair in curlers, rollers, or excessively teased, etc., will not be permitted.

Faces must be cleanly shaved.  

Piercing (body ornaments) is limited to the ear; however ear gauges are not permitted. 

Shoes must be worn. Slippers, beach sandals, heelies, crocs and backless thongs (flip-flops) are not permitted. Swapping shoes is also not permitted.  

Caps, hats, and bandanas are not allowed on campus during school hours, on field trips, or at dances unless designated “cap day” or other similar activities. 

PE Uniforms- Students are required to dress out for physical education. Shirts and shorts must be green, gray, gold or black. Students will have the opportunity to purchase PE uniforms during the first weeks of school.

School IDs- One school ID will be provided to students at no cost. They MUST wear their ID daily and have it visible around the neck. Students must have these IDs to access/enter all buildings, check out books in the library, go on field trips, purchase lunch/breakfast, enter dances, etc.
Students that report to school without an ID or lose their ID must purchase a replacement ID immediately in student services. The cost for the first replacement will be $5. Subsequent replacement IDs will be $10. Unpaid ID fees will result in disciplinary consequences.

Parents will be contacted in the event of a uniform violation. 
Students will be placed in In-School Support until the violation is corrected.
The Principal will determine if an extreme style of dress or grooming is appropriate and suitable for school.
STPSB Dress Code*- Please refer to the STPSB handbook. (Students may be sent home for failure to comply with dress code)