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Jennifer Larmann, LPC
School Counselor

Donna Hill, MHP

School counseling is delivered through a comprehensive school counseling program following the ASCA model. The school counselor can assist students with personal growth, career exploration and skills that will help the student be prepared academically. School counseling services are delivered by individual counseling as well as a small group setting. The school counseling program provides consultation with parents, teachers and community agencies to meet students' needs. The school counselor works together with students to resolve peer difficulties, develop personal and academic goals, and improve coping skills and strategies. Any student can request an appointment to see the counselor by visiting Student Services and completing a "Student Request to See Counselor Form" or asking their teacher to email the counselor. Parents and teachers can refer a student for counseling services via email or phone call. In addition to school counseling services, Mrs. Larmann serves as Creekside’s 504 coordinator. She also administers the screenings for gifted services and works as one of the school’s testing coordinators.